Hi, we are Sara, Jaisal & Adnan. Together, we are The Birthday Forest Project.

Thank you for visiting. We started The Birthday Forest Project (a 501c3 non-profit organization) with a single goal in mind – everyone deserves the right to be carbon neutral. 

Every activity we perform leads to an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere which eventually increases global temperatures and causes climate change.

One way to reduce the effects of climate change is to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Trees are our nature’s. best gift to humankind in achieving that. To remove 1 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere, 31 to 46 trees are needed.

So, being great fans of Wangari Mathaai, we thought, if everyone plants a tree on (ideally) each of their birthday, we can achieve the goal of removing many tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. We are here to help everyone plant a tree on their birthdays. It’s that simple. If you have the motivation to make the world a better place (and ideally donate some $ for the cause), we will take care of the rest — we will identify a planting location (ideally near you), we will bring the tree and the folks who can help plant it, we will even maintain the tree for you (if you can’t), more importantly, you will get a “The Birthday Forest Project” Super Citizen Award and lots of warm birthday wishes!

Yes we will take lots of pictures of you planting a tree on your birthday and make you a celebrity on our website here.

So Thank you for visiting, and please contact us now, to let us know when we can plant a tree for you on your next birthday!