Due to the completion of tree plantation space in our binded community forest, we have stopped our service temporarily. We will be back soon as we tie-up with new community forest. Sorry for inconvenience.

- Birthday Forest

  • Birthday Forest in Manthan Award: Delhi

    Event Detail: Manthan Award was organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) India with the vision of creating information rich society


  • Preparation for tree plantation

    Aug 24, 2013 (Saturday) birthday forest team gathered in Kalanki and headed towards Satikhel Women Community Forest. The purpose of this visit was to clear up a area the team has spotted (more…)

  • Birthday Forest in Pivot Nepal 2013

    Winners of Social Development Category in Pivot Nepal 2013. (more…)

  • Gaukhureshwor tree plantation – World Environment Day 2013

    As celebrated elsewhere across the globe, World Environment Day was celebrated by Birthday Forest and Gaukhureshwor Community Forest User Group by organizing a plantation program. (more…)

I Want To Plant

Plant trees on you birthday, anniversary, in memory of someone or on any event.

Birthday Forest intends to aware and encourage everyone to plant trees at least on their birthday. Thus it provides a platform for tree plantation. As birthday forest plant trees on behalf of a person, now it is convenient for everyone to plant tree even in their busy life. Birthday Forest team is well aware about the fact that “Planting trees is not a big deal but taking care it the most important thing”, so it takes all the responsibility of taking care of it. As a commitment to do so birthday Forest provides few benefits which are 1) GPS LOCATION 2) PICTURE of plant every year for the duration of 3 years 3) Replacement guarantee of plant if plant fails to survive after taking care. for the duration of 3 years.

Plant trees on Corporate Birthday

Birthday Forest intends to involve small, medium organization up to large corporate in tree plantation. On doing so “Birthday Forest” encorages to plant trees at least on their anniversary which we call “Corporate Birthday”. Corporates has been involved in various Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities. The biggest challenge for them is that they can not mobilize their human resources in activities beyond their core values. Thus birthday forest intends to be a bridge and make every tree plantation effort count by taking the responsibility of caring and growing the plant. In doing so it provides various benefits to the Corporate.

Benefits We Provide

We are here to plant trees on your behalf. We take care of your plant and make your effort count.

  • Name Tag
    Your tree will be tagged with unique tree id, your name, planted date. If its a dedication his/her name will be included. A small message can also be added.
  • GPS Location
    Track and view location of your tree via interactive map, with precise GPS location.
  • Photo Update
    See how your plant is growing through Photo update which will be provided every year for the duration of three years.
  • Guarantee
    To make sure your tree grows we take full responsibility of caring the plant. To ensure this we provide guarantee of your tree for the duration of three years.